Post Hip Replacement – Case Study – Matrix Repatterning

hip replacement79 year old female client had a hip replacement six months ago. The day after surgery they had her up and walking as much as possible.

She acquired movement quickly with little assistance..

Over the past four months this patient developed a limp, hip and knee pain with the compensating leg.

Exercises did not help her. She discovered Matrix Repatterning Therapy and contacted me to find out more about it.

This client was excited to see me for treatment but was quite skeptical as to whether or not it would work for her as she wanted to dance at an upcoming wedding in two months.

On initial assessment both her hips had significant decrease range motion for hip flexion, internal and external rotation.

She had also been suffering from back pain which she had not previously shared with anyone else.

I discovered many restrictions in her lower extremities and low back with my Matrix Scan.

Hip Replacement Therapy With Matrix Repatterning

After completing a thorough case history, orthopedic assessment and Matrix Scan I began treatment with the focus on primary restrictions in the lower body.

The focus of most of my treatments were on the restrictions of the tibia and fibula of the lower leg. She was also treated for restrictions in the lower lumbar spine.

Two Months Post Matrix Repatterning Therapy

This female client was quite happy to report to me that she was able to dance at the wedding. She has been able to move and get around without a limp and low back pain.

Matrix Repatterning Therapy gave her relief, mobility and peace of mind. This is absolutely priceless.

To this day I still am amazed as to how little pressure is needed to have significant impact on an individuals health and well being!