Needle Less Acupuncture – MPS Therapy

Needless Acupuncture

Microcurrent Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy are the therapeutic protocols developed for the Dolphin Neurostims. MPS is the world’s first integrative therapy developed exclusively to  sympathetically DE-Regulate the ANS and fight chronic pain.

The theoretical foundations of MPS Therapy are based on combining the “therapeutic nuggets” of acupuncture, osteopathy, integrative dentistry, neural therapy with modern neurology with Dolphin Microcurrent.

 How Does MPS Therapy Work?

 Dolphin Neurostim locates and applies concentrated DC (direct current) microcurrent to therapeutically active points  (acupuncture & trigger).  This application causes muscle to relax, calms the nervous system and releases endorphins, the  body’s natural painkillers.

The direct current provided by the Dolphin Neurostim is “natural” and therefore is “familiar “to the body. Thus the body accepts the messages sent. This is unlike any other modality out there.

The Dolphin detects and treats these active points with great scientific precision & potency. Furthermore it stimulates the nervous, muscular and endocrine systems at the same time.

MPS is successful in the fight against chronic pain.

Complete or substantial relief (60-85 %+) from pain often occurs within 1-3 applications. ( )

Most individuals require 2-10 treatments for lasting outcomes. Some  chronic pain patients may require ongoing daily or bi-weekly applications. MPS protocols may be quickly individualized to any patient’s needs and applied within 3-20 minutes.

This Needless Acupuncture treatment is very successful in combination with other forms treatment like Matrix Repatterning and Massage Therapy.

One of my clients had a significant reduction in chronic neck, head and migraine pain after one treatment.  Furthermore,  many clients feel significant reduction in back pain when combining MPS Therapy with massage and myofascial release.

MPS Therapy is proven highly effective in the area of scar and adhesion treatment.

Finally, is it your turn for a needle less acupuncture treatment for chronic pain relief?