Matrix RepatterningWhat Is Matrix Repatterning?

Matrix Repatterning is a therapeutic manaul approach that uses a soft touch, is non invasive and gets to the root of the problem! Are you fed up with not getting results? Matrix Repatterning may be the solution for you.

Over the years I have taken so many courses to further my knowledge. I’ve always been looking for something that takes me to the core of the problem and gives me a solution.

I have found it with Matrix Repatterning.

Matrix Repatterning is the restoration of the denser structures of the body such as bone and fluid filled organs at the cellular level that have been affected by recent, previous or repetitive impact or strain.

Matrix Repatterning – Keeping The Science Simple

Science confirms that every cell of the body is connected to every other cell by a continuous material of molecular strands (extracellular matrix, cytoskeleton), referred to as the Tensegrity Matrix.

The matrix is a strong and flexible structure, which appears to function as an intercellular communication network, providing mechanical, chemical and electrical signals vital for ideal cellular health. Furthermore,  interruption of this communication system appears to be a factor in many health conditions.


Dense core structures of the body predominantly absorb injuries from falls, motor vehicle collisions, and sport activity (sprains/strains concussions). Likewise this includes internal organs, due to their fluid content (respond like water balloons with impact) and bone (dense crystalline structure).

The molecular structure of the matrix reacts to injury as an area of local tension. This is known as a “primary restriction”. The structures affected by primary restrictions lose their link to the cellular communication system. This leads to many health problems, and pain elsewhere in the body.

As a result this area resists communication as compared to transmitting information.

These local areas of tension have a tendency to be tender to the touch on palpation.

Primary Restriction – Strain Pattern

Matrix Repatterning - Strain Patterns

Matrix Repatterning
Possible Strain Patterns
(* Location of Restriction)

The matrix interconnects all cells of the body. A primary restriction in one part of the body, can lead to strain and pain in many other areas.

Furthermore, other forms of treatment focus on these symptomatic areas and are usually blamed for the condition.This may provide short-term relief, however, since the source of the injury within the core structures has not been identified or addressed, the condition tends to return or is more easily re-injured.

A Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner accurately locates the cause of the problem (primary restriction). There is an electronic change in the cell structure, which goes along with the injury. Once this is identified, therapy, using gentle manual pressure encourages the structures contributing to the condition, to return to their normal tone /shape

The practice of Matrix Repatterning methodically releases the layers of injury in a systematic way, that have accumulated over a lifetime. Ideally the whole body returns (repatterns) to prime, pain-free function.

Matrix Repatterning helps individuals suffering from a countless number of conditions such as back, neck and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip, knee and ankle pain, headaches, concussion, as well as numerous other functional conditions (see list below).

 Can Matrix Repatterning Help You?

The following conditions are associated with structural imbalance and may respond well to Matrix Repatterning:

Headaches and migraines

Head Injury & Concussion

Dizziness & Ear Noise (Tinnitus)

Temporomandibular Joint Problems (TMJ)

Sleep problems

Neck & Upper Back Pain

Low Back Pain


Shoulder & Arm Pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot Pain

Chronic Pain

What Can You Expect from Matrix Repatterning Treatments?

The initial appointment involves a detailed assessment of posture, ranges of motion, neurological testing, joint stability and other tests, when applicable. I will determine the location of the primary restrictions and create a treatment plan specifically designed for you..

Treatment is very gentle, since the cells retain the ‘memory’ of the normal structure, and only require specific light touch to persuade the tissues to be repatterned. A series of treatments can free up structural discrepancies that have developed and been compensated for, over a lifetime, until the body has been restored to ideal function.

Since long-term imbalances are often being corrected, the body may respond for a period of days after each treatment. Common responses include a decrease of symptoms, however a short-term aggravation of symptoms may also occur.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

The average number of treatments a patient will need is between 6 and 12. 

Current conditions I treat are lumbar degeneration, MS and concussions just to name a few.

***Recent evidence from the University of California(!), has shown us that when the body is injured the cellular structure of the bone enlarges 1. Matrix Repatterning is actually capable of restoring the bone’s natural shape.***

In the first image the bone has expanded due to injury. After 6 Matrix Repatterning treatments the bone has reduced by half a centimetre.

Prior to Matrix Treatment

After 6 Matrix Treatments 



Dr. George Roth DC, ND developed Matrix Repatterning. This represents the results of 30 plus years of research into the structural basis of health.