Hypnosis for Stress Release, Emotional Detox and Decompression

It’s a life-changing experience.

Perhaps you are a First Responder or simpply filled with overwhelm and looking for a way to Break FREE from stress and worry, stop brining baggage from work to home and  want to. Step Into your best life.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective tools for reducing stress, overwhelm and anxiety . But don’t take my word for it.

As soon as you allow, permit and give yourself permission to let go all the negative feelings, images, thoughts and emotions that has led yourself to where are now, Imagine how lighter you will feel… and imagine what it would be like if you focused on what is great about you and imagine the change!

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What People Are Saying

“As someone who holds back and doesn’t trust easily, I felt emotionally safe with Mike instantly. This is not the norm for me, and speaks so highly of who Mike is as a person. I never felt judged for sharing my feelings. Instead, they were heard and acknowledged. Because of this, our hypnosis sessions were that much more effective because I could allow myself to fully let go and “be” rather than consciously withhold bits and pieces of my story. He is all in and it’s felt and apparent during every conversation with him. His compassion and desire to help others is definitely his calling in life. He is such a bright light of energy and I am so grateful to have met him ” Faith N
Faith N

Mike Grafstein is nothing short of a Super Hero! Within the first part of our session he listened to all my questions and concerns about hypnosis and dispelled any fears I had about the process. He also stressed the importance of MY privacy! He explained that everything we did was content free, Meaning I didn’t have to tell him anything about my problem (Which is fantastic)! I got comfortable and we began the session, Before I knew it I was back in the room and we were done. The minute I opened my eyes and I noticed things just changed. Feelings I was holding onto for such a long time disappeared. I felt free for the first time in a long time, I was in cognitive behavioral therapy for 15 years, Mike Grafstein session did more for me to heal than those 15 years. When I was done even my Girlfriend noticed a huge shift in my energy and how calm and happy I am! Contact Mike Grafstein because you won’t regret it!
Joe D

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Grafstein for the “emotional detox” technique he does. It was very powerful for me. We concentrated on detoxing any emotions behind the tightness in my chest,. Afterwards I felt much lighter and haven’t felt that tightness again. I felt safe and supported through the entire process. Another session we had, I told him about something I was upset about. He guided me through some powerful and meaningful imagery that I still think about often, that helps to ground me and find my centre again, when needed. Many thanks for all you do, Mike! Your services and support have been a great help and support for me!
Misty P