Hypnosis for Sport Performance Anxiety

Break free from Sports Performance Anxiety, Fear and Stress. 

Step into your best you discovering your Attitude of a  Champion… Get that mental edge that will take you to the  next  level and beyond of sporting excellence and “mental toughness”. 

Hypnosis is one of the most effective tools for reducing sports performance anxiety. But don’t take my word for it.

Become Relentless and Triumphant

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and fearful of not succeeding in your sport, this might be the most important information you have read in a while.

Hypnosis for Sports Performance Anxiety is a process of letting go. This is dramatically different from anything you’ve ever done to release anxiety. We get to work immediately to release what has been holding you back, release it, and clear it. and the good thing about this is that we do it in way is below the level of your conscious critical mind. Rather than a tired, old approach of “wait-and-see” or “hope-it-works!”, I believe in using rapid neurological change strategies so we both know the results are in motion.

The hypnosis process will unlock your abilities to take back control of how you feel. You are a partner in every step of this process as we work together to release what has been holding you back from performing at your best. You will learn powerful hypnotic strategies to magnify what is great about you so that you be in the “ZONE” automatically to blaze through any  future challenging situations with an Attitude of a Champion!

Imagine this…

After so many hours training, practicing, there you are in the center of everything… and by design you easily and effortlessly raise the quality, skill and competitiveness of your inner game on demand exceeding expectations because you chose to let go all negative feelings, images, thoughts and emotions and focus what is great about you through empowering hypnosis.


What People Are Saying

Mike, Thank you so much for the amazing work you do with both my girls for their mind-set playing hockey. There is definite difference on the ice. They are now playing more physical, confident and having lots of fun. Other people are also noticing these changes. Thank you for listening and understanding them so well

Nada B

Hockey Parent