Fluid Dynamics Manual Therapy

Fluid Dynamics Manual Therapy What is it?

Fluid Dynamics Manual Therapy is a holistic treatment approach for mind, body and spirit.

Mary-Jane Porter RMT CST IMTC MMT a well-respected, experienced massage therapist and educator with over 30 years of practice is the founder of this science-based, leading edge therapy.

The Fascial Matrix

This therapy recognizes that the Fascial Matrix surrounds, connects and unites every cell in your body like a continuous web.

Scientifically the term is “Biotensegrity” structure, coined by Steven M. Levin MD. This indicates our matrix form is a balance of tension and integrity helping to balance pressures and forces throughout the body. As compared to just structures stacked on top of each other.

As we age, unresolved life experiences, traumas, illness, allergic responses and inflammation cause restrictions – sites of higher than normal tension.

These restrictions cause symptoms such as reduced mobility, decreased range of motion and pain. However because this is occurring within a web, over time, the original cause may have also created a vulnerable area elsewhere creating additional symptoms.

Imagine having a tucked in sweater and every time you go to move your arm it restricts movement. A wear and tear process begins and holes are created along its path of tension. If you just repair the holes you will still have restrictions pulling through the threads. Thus as a therapist, I treat where the restriction was created, and in this analogy, I untuck the sweater to release the originating site.

This is why treating and pursuing only symptoms will not solve your problem. We need to take them into account; however the most effective treatment is for me to trace the lines of fascial matrix tension through the body to find the initial source or primary restriction that is causing your current health challenges.

The Importance of Fascial Matrix Hydration in Fluid Dynamics Manual Therapy

Hydration plays such a significant role with the Fascial Matrix. Each cell in the body is surrounded by the fascial matrix. This is a deposit site for waste products as well chemistry which travels through this area to influence the cell. Most importantly, there is a bioelectric signalling system through this fluid matrix communicating with all cells…. an information or communication highway.

Fluid needs to be able to move throughout the body without resistance or being blocked. Scarring, inflammation and stuck forces, cause these areas to become thick, stiffened and less hydrated (in my eyes they are “dry areas”).

The health of the cells become compromised and symptoms develop.

Treatment Objective for Fluid Dynamics Manual Therapy

The goal is to release the restriction / restrictions. By doing so the area allows for rehydration and this improves the bioelectric communication system in a direction towards health.

The neat thing about the release of a restriction is that it opens up this communication highway between your cells. Furthermore, this highway works much faster than, and connects with your central nervous system.

But before I can do this I need to assess and find your restrictions


I objectively assess for Fascial Matrix restrictions and map out a treatment that is unique to you and your goals.

This is a multilayered assessment and requires you to wear comfortable clothing for the assessment. Once completed, I will have maps detailing your areas of restrictions. I review my findings with you after my last assessment.

Here you have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss treatment options. Furthermore you decide if you want to move forward with treatment.

Your body will then lead me on a journey to gently and respectfully release these restrictions.