</p><h2>What makes your approach to treatment different?</h2><p>I specialize in 3 hands on manual techniques: <a href=”https://www.mikegrafstein.com/matrix-repatterning/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Matrix Repatterning</a>, Matrix Manual Therapy and Finger-ThumbTM. Both Matrix Repatterning and Matrix Manual Therapy are non-invasive, and effective techniques. Both therapies can be claimed as Massage Therapy or Athletic Therapy under your insurance plan.</p><p>On top of this you will be given the appropriate exercises when appropriate.</p><p>
</p><h2>Can I claim your services under my Massage Therapy or Athletic Therapy plan?</h2><p>Both Matrix Repatterning and Matrix Manual Therapy can be claimed as Massage Therapy or Athletic Therapy under most extended health plans.</p><p>
</p><h2>Do I need a doctor’s note to get covered for treatment?</h2><p>Maybe. It depends on your insurance companies policy. Some insurance companies do request it.  It’s good to make sure before your initial appointment.</p><p>
</p><h2>What should I wear to the treatment?</h2><p>The services that I provide do not require you to undress. It’s best to come to your appointment wearing comfortable, loose fitting or stretchy clothing as this will improve the effectiveness of my assessment and treatment.</p><p>***I still do traditional massage with lotion so for this you may undress to your comfort level. You will be draped appropriately. ***</p><p>
</p><h2>What Can I Expect On My First Appointment?</h2><p>On your first appointment you will need to fill out a health history form. It is advised that you show up 15 minutes ahead of time to do this.</p><p>Next,  I will go over this with  you and put you through an assessment. Once the assessment is complete we discuss your treatment plan. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions.</p><p>Before I treat you, I go through a verbal informed consent in which I propose the treatment for you. This empowers you to make choices on the treatment.</p><p>
</p><h2>How long will it take for me to feel better?</h2><p>The answer to this question depends on your injury history as well as any current irritating factors that exist in your diet and lifestyle. When people come in for Therapy I encourage them to commit to 3-4 treatments. Within these first few treatments you will know if the therapy is working for you and if you want to pursue it further. </p><p>
</p><h2>Matrix Repaterning!</h2><p>Are you interested in an approach that uses a soft touch, is non invasive and gets to the root of the problem?</p><p>Perhaps Matrix patterning is what you need!</p><p>Over the years I have taken so many courses to further my knowledge. I’ve always been looking for something that takes me to the core of the problem and gives me a solution.</p><p>At the same time I have been looking for a treatment that is both easy on my body and my patients body.</p><p>I have finally found it with <span style=”color: #00ccff;”><a style=”color: #00ccff;” href=”https://www.mikegrafstein.com/matrix/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Matrix Repatterning. </a></span></p><p>