Combining Treatments

Success with Combining Treatments

Two female clients both suffering from migraines and restricted range of motion at the neck were asked if they were open to Matrix Repatterning as a way to treat their issues.

Both of them had been receiving other treatments and were open to try something different.

Client 1

The first client had significant neck pain with all ranges of motion.    Active rotation to the left was restricted . This client also had a unique situation in which an MRI had found that she had Minor “T2 hyperintense foci in the supratentorial white matter”. This is a lesion of white matter in the brain. In this client’s case she has migraines and was told “not to worry” and carry on. For more info this type of MRI finding go  here .

On my first treatment I performed Micro-current Point Stimulation therapy to her neck (MPS) and released restrictions in both her legs and neck with Matrix Repatterning.

On her return a month later she had full range of motion of her neck. There was no neck pain and no headaches since the first treatment. She was feeling really good so she asked for a back massage.

We are now close to two months headache free for the first time in her life.

Client 2

The second client had pain with all active range of motion and was significantly restricted with left side flexion, right rotation and the last few degrees of forward flexion.

Client treatment started with MPS to the neck and then progressed from the lower limbs to the neck and then the skull with Matrix Repatterning.

After three treatments this client had full pain free range motion at the neck except left side flexion that went from 5 degrees of active side flexion to 15 degrees active side flexion.

Furthermore the “heaviness” she was feeling around her neck had disappeared.

Combining Treatments- Final Thoughts

Combining two types of treatment has led to improved function and significant pain reduction.

My point with sharing these two scenarios is that everyone is different and everyone responds differently to various types of treatment.

There is more than one way to treat and sometimes if you are suffering from chronic pain, you may need to look outside box to get the results you are looking for.

Perhaps it is your turn now.