Just wanted to put some thoughts down that any potential clients may wish to read should they be seeking a therapist.

I initially was seeking a therapist to see if my aching neck and shoulders could be improved. I also carry a chronically painful lower back that I (based on my Physicians opinion) thought was just worn out and relegated myself to a life time of narcotic pain medication to allow my mobility.

Well, after searching for a therapist, I decided that your credentials were worth exploring, I made my first appointment and the assessment began. I only disclosed my neck/shoulder issues to you but when you saw me struggle to get on and off the treatment table you asked if you could have a look. I think my reply was “you can but I think it is just a sore old back”

Well, a few treatments later and I had to write this note. I wanted to thank you for getting me away from narcotic pain medicine. I am amazed that my lower back pain has gone from requiring STRONG tablets to get moving some mornings to NO medication at all. I am now able to perform many heavy farming tasks without having to resort to prescription pain medication.

I look forward to you continuing the rehabilitation of my aches and pain into a functioning human again, I am optimistic.

Thank you for taking the time to describe what was causing my issues, and suggestions to maintain my weak areas.

Thank you Mike, for being a healer.

Dave C.

Mike has been my massage therapist since prior to 2014. His treatments have kept me mobile in the face of my many physical challenges. He is a professional, and a kind and caring health provider and human being. His knowledge of his profession and the interest to keep learning is a credit to all of his patients.

I have seen  Mike since November 11, 2016 for Matrix Re-patterning which is taking a new approach to help me on my path to recovery. Having led a very “extreme sports and work lifestyle”, I have experienced many concussions and injuries in the past, which have gone untreated. Mike was able to identify these symptoms, and has been treating me successfully, as I’ve have seen an improvement in my balance, general pain, the reduction of ringing in the ears, and eye flashes while in the dark.

It is in my best interest physically, to continue with this course of treatment and believe that Mike has my best interest at heart as a health professional.

P. B.