Puplic Speaking – Workshops

“Mild Traumatic Brain Injury – Avoiding the Trench!”– Do I have your attention now?

In over 25 years I have been fortunate to share information to parents, players and coaches for concussion education, prevention of injury and “Massage Therapy – Myths -Science- Sport Massage and Benefits” through workshops and presentations.

I have had the privilege to educate massage therapy students at Elmcrest College (now Bryan College), co-teach the Advanced Sport Massage Technique course for massage therapists and other healthcare practitioners and present at National and Provincial Athletic Therapy Conferences as well as Provincial Sport Massage Conferences

In am the creator of MYOLAGE a myofascial release assessment and treatment system CEU course for massage therapists that shows participants 3-5 ways to manipulate the fascia.

Sharing techniques and information leads to more questions and leads me to doing more research and applying new “techniques” in the clinic.

My three main presentations are “Mild Traumatic Brain Injury – Avoiding the Trench!” “Sports Injury Prevention” and “Massage Therapy: Myths -Science- Sport Massage and Benefits”.

If you have interest in any of these three subjects for your school, team or organization contact me here

If you are a massage therapist interested in hosting the two day MYLOGE course contact me here