Mike Grafstein – His Story

At a young age I thought I was going to be the next Bobby Orr. My wife will tell you that I am legend in my own mind…

Growing up I played many sports and found myself being the first aid guy patching up my teammates.

I know what it feels like to be injured watching from the sideline not being able to contribute. I have had stitches from head to toe, been under the knife for my knees a few times. Not only that I have broken at least one bone in my body. Lastly  I have had my share of  concussions of at least two that I was knocked out. Furthermore, I never received proper treatment for any of these injuries.

These experiences have given me a better understanding and appreciation of the pain, discomfort and at times lack of function resulting from concussions, broken bones and surgery. I have been there and know it is not a great place to be. I empathize with your pain and frustration.

For seventeen years I was the head therapist for Bryst Football Academy a full services soccer company. In those years I was fortunate to travel to Europe many times as the medical person for as many as three teams.  i enjoyed working with athletes both on the field and back at our makeshift “clinic” at our hotels. Once in a while I’d be up in the middle of night to tend a sick a player.


Teaching and Treating National Athletes

Throughout this time I was an instructor at a private Massage Therapy School Elmcrest College from 2000-2012 teaching anatomy, physiology and remedial exercise.

Next, I have been fortunate to have spent a couple of years treating national athletes at the Canadian Institute for Sport. This was a great experience preparing them for the 2015 Toronto Pan Am and Para-Panam Games and the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.

in 2019 I was selected and provided massage for the Core Canadian Medical Team for the Napoli Summer World University Games This was an amazing experience to work other like minded health care professionals. In 2019 I was selected as an alternate for Massage Therapy for the 2020, now 2021 Tokyo Olympic games   I currently work with Team Swim Ontario providing massage.

Intergrated Approach to Treating

My passion for treating is with an Integrated Manual Therapy approach to healing with educated hands. This  approach combines the science of the body at the cellular with the art of healing. Along with  both my Athletic and traditional Massage Therapy Treatments (deep tissue, relaxation and pregnancy massage) close to 50% of my treatments integrate Matrix Rapatternng, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Matrix Manual Therapy and Visceral Manipulation   .  Restoring the body from the inside out by releasing one restriction at a time at the cellular level.

These treatments are easily performed with you wearing loose fitting clothing. This is followed with appropriate individualized exercises where necessary.

The “Art” of what I do is is listen to your health history with an open mind and figure out the best way to address your needs.

Are sidelined from school, work or sport? Have a nagging ache or pain that will not go away? Recovering from surgery? Concussed?


Your road to recovery begins when I assesses your injury, listen to your aches, pains and frustrations. I provide for you the information you need to to know about what is happening or happened and together we map out your individualized treatment plan to get you to whatever is your finish line.

My goal for you is simple – help you Feel,  Move and Live Better.

Mike Grafstein Outside of Therapy

I can be found hiking the trails in York region in the bitter cold winter months with my wife or camping in the summer at one of Ontario’s beautiful provincial parks.

If what you have read resonates with you then maybe my way of treating is for you.