My Story,

My Pain,

Your Gain!

Michael Wolfe Grafstein


I have received my fair share of injuries from head to toe including over seven concussions, a broken bone, being under the knife a few times for knee injuries, scars from too many stitches that I can remember.

I am sharing this with you because I have felt the pain both physically and emotionally of being out of work, unable to play and do the simple things of daily living. Not too mention sleepless nights.

Most of my injuries never received the proper care and the attention they deserved. This is why I am so passionate about helping people. I have even had an injury mis-assessed /misdiagnosed four times. 

I actually thought when I was younger that I would be the next Bobby Orr…those dreams came to end when I realized I was picking my body up from the ice after countless body checks that I received with out an answer…

I ended up being the guy in highschool patching up my buddies and realize now that that was just the beginning!

Since returning back to clinical practice in 2016, from working in the field with soccer, I have gradually introduced a gentle, non aggressive, non invasive way to treat  for my clients. 

Prior to this I spent over 25 years working in the field with soccer as the head therapist at both Provincial and Private Academy levels. This allowed me to travel to Italy, England Germany and other countries and taught me how to think outside the box when treating with just my hands to get results. 

Through those experiences and the courses I have taken along the way, I have learned that one type of therapy, technique or treatment is not a “be all end all”. There is more than way to get positive results. I have found that treating with Matrix Repatterning  on its own or as a base combining it with other manual techniques and exercise,  brings more invaluable results for my clients. 

Matrix Repatterning in particular  allows me to locate restrictions from impact to the body from past and current injuries at the cellular level. 

I  combine Craniosacral Therapy Myofascial Release, Visceral Manipulation, and Exercise to compliment the foundation created with Matrix Repatterning.

 For example, if the foundation of the walls and floors in a house are uneven or poorly aligned, replacing a broken window with the same crooked frame will cause the window to break again.

 I have always looked for the best way to help my clients. Before moving in the direction of Matrix Repatterning and other gentle non-agressive , non invasive  I felt frustrated with my inability to create long term improvements for chronic issues like low back pain, neck pain, joint pain and headaches etc.

Deep tissue work had benefits from time to time; however most of the time it was a temporary fix and not a long term solution.

Since starting with  Matrix Repatterning as a base to rehab combined with a couple of these gentler techniques together, I have noticed that my clients had and continue to have a positive pain free functional experience.

It has become quite common in my rehab of concussions and migraines  that an initial Matrix Repatterning  treatment of the lower limb leads to a decrease in pain and improvement in range of motion of the neck and many times a decrease in headaches without treating the neck or head.  

Now that I have a better understanding of how the body functions internally, I am able help my clients reach their goals through a unique approach to treatment rehab and healing.

It is my experience people often struggle without solving their chronic pain and acute injuries because they haven’t properly addressed the source of their issue.

My mission with every client is to help them Feel, Move, Perform  and Live Better by resolving the root of their problem.

When is the time now  for you to  be pain free, feel, move, perform and live better?

Mini Bio

  • Bachelor of Physical Education Brock University 1989
  • Diploma of Sport Injury Management Sheridan College 1991
  • Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C) 1992
  • Diploma of Massage and Hydrotherapy Canadian College oF Massage and Hydrotherapy 2000
  • Registered Massage Therapist RMT 2000
  • Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association Sport Fellow CSMTA (SF) 2012
  • Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner CMRP 2017
  • Head Therapist Ontario Soccer 1992 – 1994 Part of three National Championship Teams
  • Head Therapist Bryst Football Academy 2000-2017 International travel to England, Germany, Austria, France, Italy and the Netherlands
  • Massage Therapist Host Medical Para PanAm Games 2015 Track and Field
  • Massage Therapist Canadian Sport Institute 2015-2016 working with Olympic and Paralympic Athletes
  • Massage Therapist with Swim Ontario High Performance Athletes since 2018
  • Massage Therapist Core Medical Staff World University Games 2019 Naples Italy
  • Alternate Massage Therapist Core Medical Staff 2020 Summer Olympics Tokyo, Japan
  • TMO Certified Meditation Teacher April 2021
  • Massage Therapy Instructor Elmcrest College 2000-2012 – Anatomy, Physiology and Remedial Exercise.

My two homes away from home are in Newmarket and in the north end of Richmond Hill – Oak Ridges.


Massage Therapy - My Truth
Massage Therapy - My Truth
Outside of the clinic I find the time to hike the many trails in York Region, enjoy camping at any one of Ontario’s Provincial Parks with my wife and as well practice different forms of meditation.


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