For many reasons now there has been an increase in reported concussions through sports including football, hockey and soccer. We have also come to learn that female athletes are susceptible for concussions due to the lack of neck muscle control.

So with all the hype that is out there now with recognition, return to school and return to play protocols we lose sight of prevention.

In any sport no matter how much preparation is taken injuries will occur and that includes concussions.

So here are 7 ways to minimize the opportunity for concussion

  1. Focus on skill development in your sport. Technique, Technique, Technique. Poor technique leads muscle compensation and this may put you in a place of harm.
  2. Get proper rest. A tired body is more likely to lose concentration, make mistakes and get injured.
  3. Eat well. You need energy to train and play.
  4. Proper strength and conditioning program. A solid off season strength and conditioning program will include the appropriate exercises and specific energy system training.
    A good strength and conditioning coach will include agility, reaction and neck exercises to a program.
  5. On field, ice or court agility and reaction drills during practice for your given sport.
  6. Peripheral vision training. This is key for any type of contact sport. This is good for all team sports and individual combative sports
  7. Wear the appropriate protective equipment. Al though helmets do not prevent concussions they may prevent the severity of the symptoms.

Many times when it comes to preventing concussions and injuries you have an idea of what needs to be done but it is always smart on your part to be open to a refresher and new ideas or looking at things from a different perspective.

If you have a team or you yourself is interested in baseline concussion testing let us know here.