Core Canadian Medical Team

The Napoli 2019 30th summer Universiade games was an amazing experience for my first games. 

I loved Italy: the amazing Medical team who I am very proud to be part of: Connie, Andrea, Jason, Tina, Karen, Connie, Olesia , Rose, Joe, Jacques (Coco), Darrel and Laurence. It was amazing making new friends, rooming with a former classmate, spending quality time with great professionals and treating athletes.

It all started with a call out of the blue from Chief Therapist Andrea Prieur on Janauary 25th, 2019. She had left me messages on both the home line and my cell phone. I had no idea what the call was about; however when I finally reached her she asked me what I was doing for the summer. At first I was not sure what she was getting at… however when she asked me if would be interested in going to Italy to be part of the core Canadian Medical Team I almost dropped my cell phone. I was over come with so much positive emotion and gratitude that I was almost balling like a baby . The tears still trickle every time I think of this call. Of course I said yes !!!


One picture is worth a million words so here is my experience in pictures and few words

My “home”  for two for two weeks in Caserta , Italy.
                                                                          Outside of the main entrance
                                                                                                    Grand Vinvitelli Pool

In Caserta my “boss” Jason has went  over and above checking in on me, guiding me and making sure I that I was doing well. I cannot say enough good things about Tina who was the first person I saw who made things easy for me the entire time I was away. And of course it was great catching up with roommate Joe R, a former Brock and Sheridan classmate. I was very fortunate to be with a strong group of therapists and an amazing Sports Medicine Physician in Dr. Rose. 

Clockwise from the top: Dr. Rose, AT – Osteo Joe, MT – AT me, AT Tina and AT-MT “boss” Jason

Opening Ceremony

I was so happy to spend quality time with fellow Sport Massage Therapist Karen during opening ceremonies. She was kind enough to give me insight into her own massage practice and her perspective of why she likes being part of the games. It is times like this spending time with a fellow colleague that I cherish and will always remember.

Karen and I at opening Ceremonies

And then I tried to be cool at opening ceremonies, first just by myself and then with Jason…

I was fortunate to work with both Men’s and Woman’s Basketball teams, Fencers and the Woman’s Water Polo Team. 

Photo-bombed by woman’s Water Polo Team

Dr. Rose and I dynamic warm up before water polo game.

Rene Woman’s Water Polo  AT, Dr. Rose and myself

Day Trip to Sorrento and Amalfi Coast


Photobombed by Jason in Sorrento 🙂

Gelato in Sorrento

LEMONCELLO!!! in Sorrento.

Here are few pictures from the Almalfi Coast:

Osteopathy? Craniosacral Therapy? Muscle Energy? No, religious studies in the Amalfi Coast….

Church in the Amalfi Coast


In Church at the Amalfi Coast





My last full day in Napoli.

Final Thoughts

  1. Thank you to Gary and Cindy Miller for my over 15 years experience with Bryst International for all the European soccer trips and being responsible for the health of all our players. I felt at home in Italy.
  2. Do not “Butt /Pocket” dial or “Butt/ Pocket” video call many times your Chief Therapist while she is in a meeting… honestly it was an accident… get to know your phone 😀
  3. Learn how to use whatsapp!
  4. Bring a power back for your phone …
  5. Write to your local MP for Canadian pins. . All countries love exchanging with Canada
  6. I am truly proud to be Canadian🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
  7. I am grateful to live in Canada!!!🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
  8. Learn new skills if possible from other therapists.
  9. Your skill set compliments others.
  10. Enjoy each moment!
  11. You are there to serve the athletes needs and at the same do not burn yourself out.
  12. Take time before the games to know where you are going in case may be able to visit places – I was fortunate to visit Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast😀
  13. Be flexible and make the best of your situation!
  14. Like in life, somethings do not always work out how they are supposed to be, so put on a smiley face and move forward.
  15. Communication with therapists who came with teams is key if you treating “their” athletes. For example one player came to me with something new that their therapist was unaware of. So I modified my treatment and informed the therapist and they were able to add to my treatment pre -competition. The Team concept of treating and sharing information is vital.

Last Words

As I have said many times before I am grateful and humbled for the opportunity to serve our Canadian athletes.

The support from the entire Canadian Medical Team and Mission Staff was overwhelming.

I hope I have come back a better person and therapist for this experience. Thank you to the Caserta 5 – love you guys!!!

Patriotic Canadian